Mercedes 1017 4x4 Personnel Carrier

Mercedes 1017  4x4 Personnel Carrier | used military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale


Mercedes 1017 4x4 Personnel Carrier this is1017 Drop Side Cargo trucks fitted with new fabricated steel ROPS (Not Certified) personnel body with canopy with side windows, rear access, fitted with approx. 25 new forward facing seating with Seatbelts.

Specifications of the Mercedes Benz 1017 Personnel Carrier 4x4

Engine: MB OM352A 6 cylinder turbo diesel
Steering Power steering LHD available
Tyres 22.50/7.50 x 22.50
Max-Load 5,400kg
Electrical System 24 volt
Length 7.20m
Height 2.88m
Width 2.47m
G.V.W. 12,200kg

The engine is the Mercedes-Benz OM352 A, a water-cooled six-cylinder in-line diesel with turbocharger and integrated compressor, producing 127 kW/172 hp at 2,800 rpm from a displacement of 5,675 cc.
Max torque is 540 Nm at 1,600 rpm.
Average fuel consumption is about 20 l per 100 km.
At 135 l of tank volume, range comes to about 600−700 km.
Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a pneumatic, synchronized 5-speed gearbox and a hydraulic single-disc dry clutch.
The rear axle has a locking differential and the all wheel drive Version has an additional,
selectable front wheel drive.
Top speed is 93 km/h and 87 km/h for the all wheel drive version.