Fotma FM1000 Tractor
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Fotma FM1000 Tractor

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Units Available:   50
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2022
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NEW Agricultural Fotma FM1000 Tractor 4x2

1. 2 pairs hydraulic output valve;
2. Luxury cabin with air conditioner and radio with USB port;
3. Dual-stage clutch;
4. Front tyre: 8.3-24;
5. Rear tyre size: 14.9-30.

1. Adopting YTO famous brand diesel engine, good reliability, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption,
high economic benefits;
2. Adopting 12 inch double clutch, high transfer ability, reliable effect, operation more comfortable;
3. Gear box 16 forward gears, 8 reverse gears, gear are reasonable, high working efficiency;
4. Adopt independent power output device, steady transmission, large bearing capacity;
5. Using independent oil hydraulic steering system operation, flexible operation, reliable energy saving;
6. Using disc brakes, large braking torque, good braking effecting;
7. Using forced type lifter, reliable use, convenient maintenance;
8. Final drive adopts planetary reduction structure, compact structure, large reduction ratio;
9. New streamlined appearance, greaceful, fashion;

Common cabin
Heater inside cabin
Luxury cabin with A/C
Hydraulic output valve (2-way)
Front ballast; Rear ballast
Swing draw bar
16F+8R creeper gear shift
Paddy tyres (Front : 11.2-24, Rear:16.9-34)
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