Rotzler Heavy Duty Dual Winch Unit

ID: 786 Ref MOD: 40255
Location:DN10 6ET, Doncaster, UK

Rotzler Heavy Duty Dual Winch Unit

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Rotzler Heavy Duty Dual Winch Unit

Comprising of 2x Rotzler H170 18,600 Kg hydraulic winches fitted to mounting frame as removed from
Faun tank transporters 8x8

Both winches have a winch-up mechanism and the right winch can also be used to the front of the vehicle for self recovery operations.

Complete with rear pulley`s, guides and rotators

Each winch is fitted with 43 metres of 28mm diameter rope

Maximum winding speed is 24m/min at a capacity of 8,500 kg`s or 12m/min at a capacity of 18,600 Kg`s

Manufactured by:   Rotzler
Units Available: 6 units

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