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Large Surplus Military stock of UNUSED MAN HX60 trucks

Large Surplus Military stock of  UNUSED MAN HX60 trucks

Posted: 2020-04-14
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Unused Ex ARMY MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 Flat Bed Cargo Trucks Direct from the military these are the latest current in service cargo vehicles used by the military today These vehicles are unused with delivery miles only 100-300 Kilometres

These vehicles have been built to the highest standard and are available today from our stock. We also have other models of the MAN HX60 in stock to include drop side cargo models with canopy, troop carriers, winch trucks and crane trucks

The MAN HX is a range of tactical trucks specially developed to meet military needs. It replaced in production the FX and LX ranges. The MAN HX60 military truck has a 4x4 configuration. The HX range also includes trucks with 6x6 (HX58) and 8x8 (HX77) configurations. These trucks are designed for off-road application. It seems that production of the HX range commenced in 2004. The HX60 trucks are in service with Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Germany operates only a small number of these vehicles, however UK ordered over 5 000 HX60 military trucks in various versions. These replaced the Leyland DAF T244 4-tonne trucks. Vehicles have a projected service life of 20 years. New Zealand operates approximately 120 of these trucks. The MAN HX60 is essentially a successor to the MAN KAT 1 with 4x4 configuration. It has a payload capacity of 6 t. This military truck is used to transport troops and general cargo, as well as for other applications.

Site Link (if provided): equip.php?ID=50321

Large Surplus Military stock of  UNUSED MAN HX60 trucks Large Surplus Military stock of  UNUSED MAN HX60 trucks Large Surplus Military stock of  UNUSED MAN HX60 trucks Large Surplus Military stock of  UNUSED MAN HX60 trucks

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