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LJACKSON AND CO LTD are a successful privately owned company founded in 1950 and a major supplier of NEW and refurbished surplus EX MOD, NATO, US ARMY VEHICLES, PLANT AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT



The site of the former RAF Misson, Nottinghamshire, is located 7 miles south east of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and approximately 1-mile (1.6 km) south east of the former RAF Finningley airbase now Doncaster Robin Hood International Airport.
RAF Misson is a former 850-acre (3.4 km2) bombing range used by aircraft predominantly based at 25 and 18 OTU at nearby RAF Finningley during the Second World War.
The base later became a Bristol Bloodhound surface-to-air missile battery location as part of No. 94 Squadron RAF and was installed to protect the V Bomber location at Finningley.
For many years the location became known locally as the RAF Dump where the RAF dismantled old aircraft, vehicles and weaponry.

This is a 60 acre, former military site, giving us an operating area including warehousing units, hard standing areas and full workshop and paintshop facilities.
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We are major suppliers worldwide to the construction and mining industries, utility companies, public and private sector companies. We offer the same specialised service to Government departments and International Aid Agencies, as those offered to the private landowner buyer.

Our facilities include on-site workshops, sandblasting and paint shops and over 150,000Sq Ft of modern undercover storeage.

Our export market covers all the aspects of the world and our shipping department are widely experienced in the handling of freight, documentation and customs formalities. We have storage and sales facilities in the U.K. Holland, Sweden and Kuwait.

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We permanently hold in stock over 3,000 vehicles including plant and machinery. This allows the customer the freedom of choice and the scope to have "custom made" modifications. Our team of experienced mechanics prepare vehicles and equipment to a high standard, inspecting and replacing parts where necessary prior to the vehicles transferring to the paintshops where they are repainted to the customers requirements.

Special modifications as requested by the customer can also be catered for, for example, tipping bodies, box bodies, service and lube trucks, DROP bodies, crane trucks, tanker trucks etc.

Our on-site facilities allow us to offer short lead times, even on the largest of orders. A complete after sales service can be offered, from the supply of service items for the vehicles thought to a full spares back up.

To assist our customers, we offer an independent inspection service by an SGS Qualified Inspector, who can supply reports and technical details before and/or after the vehicles have gone through our refurbishment programme.


We can provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service.
Exports to any part of the world are possible and our freight department can deal with any shipment of equipment whether its 1 item or 1000 items. We can offer land, sea, or air freight. We can apply for and obtain any Dti export licence dependent on restrictions and approval.
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We are regularly importing and exporting vehicles in and out of the UK not to mention our operations within Europe. We use a variety of different shipping firms and transport companies so that we can obtain the most competitive rates available. Not running our own fleet of trucks for transporting the vehicles has been our success within this sector.

Drawing on this expertise gives us a broader range of equipment available to us at any one time. We can cater for movement any load one of our large loads recently has been the movement of 3 container handlers weighing 85,000kg each.

We can also offer full loading and off loading facilities at our Misson depot. Loads from 500kg to 45,000kg can be handled with ease. Also our purpose built loading ramp has saved considerable time when turning loads around quickly.


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