JINMA 654 Wheel Tractor 4WD
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JINMA  654 Wheel Tractor  4WD

ID:    1758
Units Available:   10
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2022
The price: P.O.A.

NEW JINMA 654 Wheel Farm Tractor 4WD
Usage: Farm Tractor, Garden Tractor, Lawn Tractor
Power: 65hp
Color:Red Customizable
Trademark:JINMA /HHJM/JM
Service Life:6-10 Years
Origin:Yancheng Jiangsu
Type:Wheel Tractor
Port of shippment: Shanghai, China

What are the best 3-4 tractor implements for a 15-25 acre vegetable farm? In my mind, the best equipment to have would be a 30-50 Horsepower tractor with the following attachments: a rolling cultivator, offset disk, flail mower, and then the dreaded roto tiller. What would you advise? Is it JINMA 654 4WD 65P Wheel Farm Tractor?
All this really points to the need for two tractors when farming on the scale your are proposing (15-25 acres). You need a wide, heavy tractor for pulling and a tall, lighter, narrow-tired tractor for bed forming, bed shaping, cultivation etc. For 25 acres I would be looking at an 80 HP tractor for ground prep and heavy work and maybe a 50 HP row-crop tractor for the lighter in row work. So you need according to your farm size to chose a jinma tractor.

As an experienced JINMA Farm Wheel Tractor saller, we know the importance of jinma tractor product quality. In order to provide better quality wheel tractor for farmer, producer have implemented a strict quality management system which oversees the entire manufacturing process. Due to they continued efforts, Jinma received the E-MARK certificate, EPA certificate and CE certificate.

The tractors are suitable for garden applications, hobby applications, wet & dry land applications, transportation in plain or hilly areas.
JINMA utility of the tractor is further enhanced by the offering of a complete range of matching implements like loaders, backhoe, post hole digger, scraper, leveler, rotavator, tiller, cultivator, plough, harrows, wood chipper, mower, snow
Blower etc.
JINMA offers the backed up by trained manpower, spares parts & service supports at the nearest distribution point in all the countries.
The JINMA brand of tractors are being built to give a totally satisfying experience to the customers.
JINMA  654 Wheel Tractor  4WD  for sale JINMA  654 Wheel Tractor  4WD  for sale JINMA  654 Wheel Tractor  4WD for sale JINMA  654 Wheel Tractor  4WD | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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